About Us

Life has given us different personalities and passion, which we can express our emotions into it. We also have different likes and love. Like a person’s love in cooking, he must be passionate about it to make a world class quality dish. In this site you could be able to learn the different dishes made by Filipinos and originating from different places in Philippines. It can give you knowledge and ideas on what are the different cuisines of Filipino.

Filipino cuisines were known usually by its spiciness and great resemblance of ingredients. Filipinos are really good in cooking and has so much passion on this craft. Each place in the country has a food represented which highlights the character and culture of the community. Like Bicol express a well-known dish in Bicol, it is known by its spiciness and the resemblance taste of the “gata” or what we called coconut milk added by vegetable like beans. This shows that Filipinos are really creative and has a great taste mixing in creating a dish.

If you want to learn the different styles and methods in cooking Filipino dish Pinoy Food can really help you. You can learn and discover the techniques in cooking your favorite Filipino dishes. Pinoy Food provides some information and proper measurements of the desired quantity to create an exact taste of the desired dish. Making and practicing these dishes will nurture you and give you knowledge of what an authentic Filipino food is all about. The essence of the taste and the proper process on it will make you know the authentic and true culture of Filipino.